Friday, 4 January 2013


just put together a mix for the year just gone. Some folks who've played /shieldshaped/ gigs, some from my favourite records of the year, and some older bits that stuck in my [y]ear.

0.00 The No-Neck Blues Band - A Daisy Chain for Richard Wright (excerpt)
concluding part of a piece that first surfaced on the Ytiu LP last year. One of my favourite groups of any time
2:40 The Bowles - Worrywort
low-slung already-defunct Australian outfit. Lot of great Australian sounds caught my ear this year.
6:00 Jason Lescalleet - Nice Ass
Taken from Jason's tour-only 7" split with Graham Lambkin. Jason played one of my favourite sets of the year at Kino. Like watching sounds fall down a well.
9:55 Rozi Plain - Cold Tap
Taken from Rozi's second full album. That's Ichi on the steel pan, also.
13:04 Le Ton Mite/Karl Blau - Track 4
McCloud stepped in to fill the void left by an ill support act. Here he is clattering with Karl Blau. A winner.
16:01 Michael Hurley - Pretty Girl on Roller Skates
was a dream finally seeing Michael play, and the Cube was a perfect venue. Mississippi issued a load of recordings made at the same time as those that appeared on his first album. I always thought that 'dance around in your bones' line was written by Waits/Burroughs; turns out it was lifted from a 1920s novelty song
22:17 Hans Krüsi - EX HK. (excerpt)
was chuffed to find this in a second-hand stall in town. Hans Krüsi was a Swiss outsider artist. The record from which this is taken collates a load of his private cassette recordings.
23:38 Harry Pussy - I Fought the Police
Standout track from the One Plus One LP, which colelcts a load of HP demos and whathaveyou.
28:00 Russell Hoban - The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz (excerpt)
Russell Hoban died at the very end of last year. This is a reading (by Eleanor Bron) of an extract from a favourite book by a favourite writer. RIP.
32:48 Bruce Langhorne - Ending
From his soundtrack to Peter Fonda's The Hired Hand. Finally issued on vinyl this year. Bruce Langhorne was the original Mr Tambourine Man.
37:19 Anton Bruhin - Trumpi Cheng
Anton Bruhin was probably my most-listened-to artist of the last year. Here's one of his extaordinary jews-harp workouts
40:24 Josephine foster - Waterfall
couldn't resist the jews-harp segue. Opening track from one of the best records of the year.
43:43 Sky Needle - Rest in a Well
More from Oz, Sky Needle build most of their instruments themselves.
48:03 Henry Thomas - Fishing Blues
Great re-issue of early bluesman on Mississippi again. Those panpipes are made outta sugarcane; he called them quills.
50:38 Mad Nanna - My Two Kids
no-fidelity basement scuzz, from Australia again.
53:09 Derek MonyPeny - Asuf
Solo oud oddity from this Richard Bishop associate.
55:55 Al Doum & the Faryds - Ship of Joy
AD&TD completely blew me away with their Kino gig. Great guys.
1:01:25 Smegma - Portions of "son of geek" including "carnival geek"
Got lost in the LAFMS Blorp Essette box set for a couple months earlier this year. Hard to know what to pick from it - so much goodness.
1:04:33 Jacques Brodier - Chansons dans les flammes
Late entry for possible album of the year. Jacques Brodier has been making this kind of perfectly-executed dreamstate radio art since the 70s, but only just had it released this year.

Hope you enjoy. Pass it on.

And while I'm here, I heartily recommend the following:

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