Thursday, 8 November 2012

stop press: Le Ton Mité added to Al Doum bill...

Hey folks, things just got even more special...

very pleased to announce a last-minute addition to tomorrow's bill: Le Ton Mité is the project of a modern troubadour. The songs tell the story of McCloud Zicmuse, an artist and musician who lost his home in Olympia, USA, was stranded in France for some years, then found himself in Brussels, Belgium. Le Ton Mité's music has been compared to Moondog, Charles Ives, Caetano Veloso and Eric Satie. Mr Zicmuse sings in French as he has lived and currently lives in countries that speak this language. He is also known as an active member of the 'free music' improvising community & is seen frequently singing & playing percussion with his junkyard sonic group Hoquets. Le Ton Mité has recorded and collaborated with such groups as Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Deerhoof, Tenniscoats, Mt.Eerie,  Old Time Relijun,  l'ocelle mare, Oneone & Darugaries.
Listen to his album '"Version d'un ouvrage traduit" by Le Ton Mité:
interview on The Quietus:

Four incredible acts for just five pounds (details on all the other acts appearing below)
really recommend coming down early for this one...
keep warm and well,

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