Monday, 7 April 2014


Roman Nose / Possett /
Lovely Honkey / Papal Bull
upstairs @ the Miner's Arms -
Thursday 15th May, 8pm

/shieldshaped/ returns after a hiatus of sorts.
And what better way to step back into the ring…

There’s been a swell of outsider goodness flowing from the north-east these past few years. A sprawling constellation of freak acts and outsider labels, unspooling streams of beautiful/deranged audiotape in all directions.  Very happy to have four choice exponents of the NE no-audience underground here in Bristol. 

ROMAN NOSE    The pet project of Jon Marshall, founder of Singing Knives Records – an essential node in the north-east outer – and member of improv folkskronk trio The Hunter Gracchus. With Roman Nose he uses vocals, various free-reed instruments and an array of pitch/timbre modifying effects pedals to create microtonal and polyrhythmic fevers of ecstatic dissonances. 

LOVELY HONKEY    Rarified solo throat-splutter from Luke Poot, of Very Rich Lexicon, Hard Pan, Chastity Potatoe and a twice-touring duo with Phil Minton. Lo-fidelity remedial sound poetry of the choicest order. 

PAPAL BULL    Rabid cluster of sounds using dictaphones, harmonica reeds, harmonium, sheng and voices. Particularly out-to-lunch drones & wails, vocals that veer from having that nice mouthful-of-mussels vibe to a more euro-academic too-much-coffee buzz to private language gurgle and “dictaphone work that would give Gwilly Edmondez the horn”. Junk rattling. Ouch. 

POSSET    J.G. Murray, the north-east's premier purveyor of dictaphone jazz-huff. He jams with a bank of old dictaphones and broken walkmen and antique effects pedals all wired together with strings of snot, scraps of sticky tape and bits of old wool. 


Doing this one in the upstairs room at The Miner’s Arms in St Werburghs. A new venue for /shieldshaped/ but a sweet spot and a swell pub. Cosy. Up the stairs by the pool table. Only £4 entry, starts 8pm

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