Friday, 10 August 2012

JASON LESCALLEET + Stephen Cornford + Aigon DAAC – Café Kino, Tuesday 9th October 8pm

super excited to welcome long-time /shieldshaped/ obsession JASON LESCALLEET to these parts. A towering presence in the US underground for the past decade or so, JL has built a reputation as an utterly unique noise artist with a true and singular vision.
Lescalleet is a master of magnetism: he works primarily with tape – both audio cassettes and open reels – and the medium burns into red-hot life in his hands. Despite operating at the fringe of a genre noted for its coldness and impenetrability, Jason's music is both deep and poignant. In his hands, the qualities and imperfections of both the tapes and the obsolete machinery that play them serve to evoke human frailty and tenderness. His self-released 2006 LP, The Pilgrim – part audio-memorial to his late father/part self-healing catharsis – is possibly one of the most haunting and haunted works ever committed to vinyl. Or check his pair of collaborative albums – The Breadwinner and Air Supply – made with The Shadow Ring's Graham Lambkin, for a ghostly, Beckettian exploration of the mundanities of everyday household living.
Much of Jason;s work is concerned with capturing both the sound and the feeling of decay; he operates between the poles of both composition and decomposition

"he works degraded formats as abstract metaphor for human relations, not as cynical commentary, but as an aid to revelation and remembrance, the warm glow of analoge and the physicality of tape loops and editing obsessively reiterating the human touch at the centre of this music" - Jon Dale, The Wire

Recent months have seen a flurry of recorded activity from Jason, with cassettes on Chrondritic Sound and Hanson, a double album on Erstwhile, and a collaborative LP with Aaron Dilloway (Wolf Eyes) upcoming on the consistently awesome Pan imprint. But JL's rep is built as much on his live shows – where he highlights the fragile/tactile natures of his music, with tape reels spooling around the space. His performances are gestural, visceral and able to navigate great leaps in scale - from the subatomic to the universal... Jason has only performed solo a couple of times previous on these shores, so this is a rare opportunity to witness this master at work.

Stephen Cornford is an artist whose work blurs lines between sculpture and music. He uses sound and noise to investigate the physical qualities of the material world, and has a process-based approach to performance, where the material, as much as the performer, determines the outcome
Aigon DAAC is a promising new trio comprising Dan Bennett (skjølbrot, ex-Hunting Lodge), Dominic Lash (bassist collaborator with Chris Corsano/Evan Parker/Tony Conrad/Joe Morris/etc) and Stuart Chalmers (cassette mangler)
Also on the night, Kurt from Infinite Limits will be manning a pop-up record shop. IL is one of the UKs premier outlets for limited and hard-to-obtain underground music-objects: cassettes, vinyl, CDs, lathe-cuts, art editions... bring pocket money for this rare real-life browsing opportunity

All this at Café Kino, Stokes Croft, Bristol.
October 9th, 8pm
Tickets £7 adv

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