Sunday, 5 February 2012

My favourite records of last year

These were my favourite records, tapes and CDs of 2011:

Ghédalia Tazartès - Works 1977-79 (Vinyl On Demand)
The No-Neck Blues Band - Ytiu (Kellipah)
Ernst Karel - Swiss Mountain Transport Systems (Gruenrekorder)
Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth - Electric Scaryland (Beniffer Editions)
The Dust Busters with John Cohen - Prohibition is a Failure (no label)
Village of Spaces - Morning Nap (Turned Word)
Julian Lynch - Buffalo Songs (Goaty Tapes)
Village of Spaces - Alchemy and Trust (Turned Word)
Group Ongaku - Music of Group Ongaku (Seer Sound Archive)
Dan Hayward's New Hawks (Timbreland)
Shabbazz Palaces - Black Up (Sub Pop)
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake (Island)
Anton Bruhin - Deux Pipes (Alga Marghen)
Bill Orcutt - How the Thing Sings (Mego)
Jason Lescalleet - Music for Magnetic Tape (Arbor)
Blake Rumfitt - The Dog (no label)
Stare Case - Public Vanity (American Tapes)
Eli Keszler/Ashley Paul - Aster LP #2 (Rel)
Jason Lescalleet - This Is What I Do vol 1 (Glistening Examples)
Sky Needle - Neckliner (Albert's Basement)

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